Studer assistance

2. Operation and maintainance


3. Repair


4. Recycling

1. Technical support

We are here to help. Our dedicated technical service team assists our professional partners in every aspect related to the pre- and after-sales.

Write us 

Send us your question via the support contact form of studer support website and we will respond to you as soon as we can

Call us

The support team is ready to take your call whenever it fits you. Our team is at the factory in Switzerland available from Monday to Friday, from 8am till 4pm CET.

Please make sure you prepare all the system information before the call. You can also write us in advance if you need phone assistance at a certain date for a specific commissioning or project.

A problem in your system?

Your studer device is usually the center of your energy system, responsible for managing the energy flows between the different parts. Please make sure that you have at your hand all the information about your solar, battery and AC setups.

Check the downloads section where you could find comprehensive technical documentation and user manuals that could help you identify an issue, solve problems and guide you through configuration and data analysis.

Powered by the battery

The studer power electronics are supplied by the energy coming from the battery. Please make sure that you check the battery status. We recommend checking your Studer device with another battery to confirm that the power electronics are not working properly.

Energy analysis for problem resolution

Monitoring and energy management tools are at your disposal for analyzing the overall performance of your energy system.

We recommend analyze your system data for the last days and weeks in case of an event using the studer monitoring portal or any other monitoring tool available. Sharing the monitoring data with our technical support team can also help us to identify the issue and provide a better service.

2. Operation and maintenance

The next3 does not require any particular maintenance other than the standard O&M advised for stationary energy systems. Check with the local regulation if any further activities are required. The general preventive O&M activities advised to do regularly are: 
  • Check that the venting is not obstructed by objects or dirt.  
  • Check the connections (tightening, general condition).  

For the rest of the energy system, we can advise the following activities:

  • Check with the battery manufacturer for specific advice on battery maintenance, depending on battery technology and setup. 
  • Clean regularly you PV panels to optimize the production. Check the general status of the modules, the cabling and look for potential shadows.  

The monitoring of the next3 will help you to understand what happens in the system and anticipate potential issues before they may arise.  

3. Repair

Our products are high-quality and are tested carefully. Should you nevertheless need to repair your next3, you can contact studer assistance to arrange the return of your products. 

Identify the issue 

Set up a call with the technical support team to identify the issue and establish an action plan.

Find a Studer qualified service partner 

Our network of service centers and partners provide different locations for repair your Studer devices more conveniently. Partners (QSP, Service center)

Send your device to Studer 

You can send the device to our factory in Switzerland. We will analyze the device and provide you with a repair proposal. Return form (RMA)

4. Recycling

The next3 meets the European directive 2011/65/EU on hazardous substances and does not contain the following elements: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chrome, PBB or PBDE.

To dispose of this product, please use the service for the collection of electrical waste and observe all obligations in force in the place of purchase.


SENS eRecycling

For more than 30 years, SENS eRecycling has been the expert for the sustainable disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment.

Studer is recognised as a certified contract partner.

Every year, Studer pays the TAR (advance recycling fee) for all CR2032 batteries it puts on the Swiss market. These batteries are found in our new device, the next, but also in the xtender range and in some variostring products and accessories. In 2022, about 1000 new batteries were declared and this obviously continues to increase year upon year. The Swiss market is constantly expanding.



The market is booming, sales are exploding and many systems now contain a battery (lead or lithium). The issue of recycling these batteries is therefore important and must be tackled.

Swiss law obliges all battery users to pay the recycling tax, so we pay this tax via the company Inobat for all batteries imported and sold in Switzerland.