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smart inverter-charger 

The latest technology

The energy transition is there, the energy business model is shifting and with the next3 we are ready to play a very active role in this transition. More than selfconsumption, we propose energy autarky. The energy full autonomy that will allow to fully manage your solar energy.

In this technical information, you will find all information you need to get started with your next3 . Just select a theme bellow to get informations to install and keep your system updated.

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First steps

Get started simply and quickly! With some easy actions with our wizard, you can configure your basic settings step by step. To make a smart use of your installation, read all you need to know.

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Latest update

The next3 is a connected device. To constantly improve our technology, we regularly release updates to your system. Check them here. 

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Essential principles

Want to know more about autarky, energy strategy or to get general system explanations? 


General overview of connections with batteries, AC, PV and nx-interface 


Find all you need about general dimensioning, batteries and PV dimensioning and technical offered concepts

Power up

Detailed explanations for first start

Keep an eye on your system

Monitoring your system

Keep your system up to date

how to update your system 

After sales services

Maintenance, support, repair and recycling

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Download all certificates, warranties and standards here


Informations about the compatibility with batteries, grid codes and others

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Application notes

AC coupling


Installation with bypass in Switzerland

Advanced grid/dso management

Weco batteries