Options & accessories

next3 product options

The next3 can be ordered in 4 different versions: 



Please find here the list of compatible accessories with the next3 product range. You could find a qucikguide and description within the accessories section in the downloads page. 

nx interface

next3 user interface for display, monitoring, datalogging, control. One unit per system required.

nx wifidongle

next Wifi dongle to connect your device to internet through Wifi (included) 

nx tempSensor

next battery temperature sensor for temperature compensation with lead-acid batteries (included)

nx bypass box

automatic AC bypass box for your installation with 8 different options: 

  • nx bypass box 25A
  • nx bypass box 25A with emergency stop
  • nx bypass box 40A
  • nx bypass box 40A with emergency stop
  • nx bypass box 60A
  • nx bypass box 60A with emergency stop
  • nx bypass box 80A
  • nx bypass box 80A with emergency stop