Connecting lithium batteries

Battery with communication BMS: CAN connection

The next3 uses a CAN Bus to communicate with the BMS (Battery Monitoring System) of a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are more complex to handle compared to lead acid batteries. A BMS is responsible of cell monitoring and battery safety. The BMS knows the status of each cell, and it computes maximum charging/discharging currents and maximum/minimum target voltages. These values must be respected when the installation is working and BMS communicates to inverter/chargers the proper setpoints for proper operation.  

The next3 has several CAN protocols implemented for communication with different battery management. These protocols are compatible with specific batteries.

See the following section for the up-to-date list of compatible batteries, brand and models and updates of the next3 software to have the latest communication protocol.
In order to configure and install properly your lithium battery, please make sure to connect the communication cable between the next3 integrated CAN BMS and the CAN port from the battery BMS.

The next3 has several CAN protocols implemented for communication with different battery management.
These protocols are compatible with specific batteries, as listed in list below: 

  • AutarcTech 
  • BlueNova
  • BMZ
  • BYD
  • Cegasa
  • Cosun
  • Discover
  • FreedomWon
  • IPS
  • Pallas
  • PowerTech
  • Pylontech
  • Soltaro
  • SuperB (with BCI)
  • TesVolt
  • Weco
  • Archimede Energia
  • DLG
  • Midac
  • SolarMD
  • Sunlight
  • Zruipower
  • Vision mechatronics
  • Orion BMS
  • REC BMS (model Q BMS 16S)

For a point-to-point connection, the bus termination should be set to T (Terminated). If the device is in the middle of a daisy chain, the termination is set to O (Open). Generally, the next3 is connected point to point to the BMS and the termination should be on T. Most of batteries BMS have a specific connector for CAN connection and a specific pinning for the wiring. There is no standard.  

Even with a RJ45 connector, the pinning may vary. The cable must be adapted by the installer case to case. Beware of the pinning order (CANH, CANL, GND) on the connector, see instruction of the BMS manufacturer carefully.



As example here is the pinning for the CIA-303-1.

That must be wired/screwed with the provided connector.

Configuration with compatible batteries

Please find below an indicative table for connecting compatible lithium batteries. Please refer always to the battery manufacturer for the latest and valid information. The next3 is supplied without batteries, please, refer to the manufacturer for warranty conditions and availability.


·        Autarctech  - LiRack/ LiTerminal

·        BMS  Orion – Jr ( )

·        BMZ  - ESS 3.0 – ESS 9.0 – X

·        BSLBATT  – LFP battery

·        BYD  - Premium LVL/ LVS, B-Box Pro 2.5–10.0, B-Box Pro13.8

·        Dyness  – B4850, B3, Powerbox

·        Fortress Power  –  eFlex 5.4

·        Midac  - RES 4.2/5.1

·        Pylontech  UP5000, US2000/C, US3000/C, US5000/C, Phantom-S, Pelio, Force L1/L2 

·        REC -  Q BMS 16S (

·                Solar MD   -  SS4074/SS4037/ SS202

·                Systems Sunlight  - Li.ON ESS

·        Tesvolt  - TS 25-50

·        Turbo Energy  - TE LS 48 2.4, TE US3000C, TE US2000C

·        Twice  – Hexagon 

·        Vision Mechatronics  - LiRack, Lirack Eco

·      Archimede Energia  - FXO-048-XXX-TCX

·      Cegasa  - eBick Pro  180

·      Cosun  - RS-Box

·      Super-B  - 12V SB12V160E-ZC and SB12V100-ZC

·      Weco  - 4K4 LFP/ 5K3R20



·      PowerTech  - systems PowerRack


·      BlueNova  - BN 52 series

·      Freedom Won  - Lite Range

·      Pallas  - RESS 48V50



·       Cegasa - eBick Ultra 100

·        Discover  -48-6650, LITHIUM PRO



·      Soltaro - SOL-R16-2.5KWH and SOL-R16-5.0KWH



·      Zruipower  - Power Base Pro


·      IPS  (Integrated Power Solution) liCube modular LiFePO4-System




·      GS-HUB  – Home Hub



·      DLG  – ESS48-2U-L 


·        Zruipower  - ZR-FC48100-1630J1, ZR-FC4850-1630J1


·      UZ Battery  – Power Lite L051100-A